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    1. I enjoyy the class! I learn so much from it. Theres alot of things being taught that I never really knew I needed. I learned easy simple things to help my class flow better!

    1. Sharon made this workshop entertaining, while being informative. We had time to make questions and work in groups. All that I learned today I will practice in my classroom.
      Thank you!

  1. Ms. Sharon made the training engaging and fun. I left feeling as though time had passed by so quickly, and I learned so much!

  2. I recently finished my last preservice training with Sharon, and each one I’ve attended has been a brand new, personalized learning experience. I have left each lesson feeling more informed and more confident to work with the children in my classroom.

  3. This class was so helpful! The lesson planning portion will help so much with time management. It is also helpful to know the autism profiles as well.

  4. THANK YOU! For all the knowledge. Taking these classes have really opened up my mind and perception to how to really handling children. LOVE these classes!

  5. I thought I was going into this session to learn about how to properly deal with the youth I serve, and came out learning life lessons about myself. You will definitely come out of this a new individual!!!

  6. Mrs. Sharon is a BEAST!! This class was Everything! So much healing took place for me. I recognize that I’m not perfect I’m leaving in peace and ready to Encourage children and adults! Love you Mrs. Sharon and I’m making an appointment for me and my family. May God continue to smile on you! ????

  7. Traits of a child class helped with alot of understanding and is an eye opener. Helped me realize something’s I need to change as far as connecting with with a child with a disability.

  8. “Working with special needs children ADHD/Autism & Bipolar” training was VERY useful, I believe myself and my staff will take good feedback to work and be able to have a smooth working and understanding concept of children.

  9. In this class I learned so many new things. That I had no knowledge of. Its was a very fun and educational experience. I will definitely be back for more.

  10. Today’s class has taught me different ways working with children with disabilities and was very helpful in helping me understand how they move think react.

  11. What I learned in the class was how to better approach a child and how to calm them down. Also how to take action in a situation where a kid is getting out of control. And not to get on level 4 always stay at a level 2

  12. Training on legal updates pertaining to CCL was extremely helpful. Thank you Martina Scott for being informational, sensitive, and very patient with us.

  13. Ms Martina Scott was very helpful and knowledgeable. She had a lot of information to give as well as gave the opportunity for us to ask questions.

  14. Awesome informational training! Martina Scott shared valuable information about upcoming changes with child care licensing and minimum standards!

  15. This was my first class and it was very informative and interesting. Martina Scott was a great speaker. I’m looking forward to implementing what I learned at my childcare center.

  16. TA! You were amazing! Thank you for empowering me today to continue to Lead and be the “fire” in my school, community, and life!

  17. TA—- Awesome, Awesome presentation!! Hit home on alot of things that are delt on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your wisdom and word of encouragement!

  18. Wow! Absolutely love the speakers Sharon brings. Not only educational to my job but inspirational to my life itself. You will never leave a training or conference feeling like you not somebody. You will know you have a purpose in your life!

    1. Amazing training lesions. Learned a lot , I loved how interactive it was (with COVID safety measures in place). Great examples given for each lesion given. Mrs Sharon made the class fun while still being very informative.

  19. TA was so right on!
    Great leadership examples & scenarios on getting there.
    I will surely use the 5 influences
    as well as in my personal family relationships.
    That you for your dedication in our purposes in life!
    God Bless you!

  20. Sharon was a great instructor. She gave me in depth descriptions on how to be a better leader. Amazing would definitely come back

  21. Sharon is a wonderful trainer. She engages the audience to learn what they need and delivers the information, tools, and motivation you didn’t even realize you were lacking.

  22. Sharon, thank you so much for all your advice. It is very helpful. I will for sure be taking all this with me and using it. Very empowering.

  23. Sharon is an amazing instructor, i enjoy her classes. I leave here with new ideas to take back to my center. Thank you so much

  24. Miss Sharon was so amazing helped me learn a lot and understand every age group in caring also helping me communicate with parents very useful class amazing trainer

  25. Sharon is an amazing trainer. I have learned so much and she has given me so much confidence and has prepared me to take on what i need to do in my center. Thank you so much.

  26. This class was very helpful, Sharon helped me understand child care and how to communicate with parents. I feel very motivated and more confident. Recommend highly

  27. This is my second class with her it was so amazing getting to know every age group and knowing how to deal with it very helpful

  28. I learned a lot about keeping the kids busy never to let them be quite or still. They have to always have an activity with them even during transitioning! Most importantly how to some an area and how to position your body.

  29. This is my 3rd time coming I love more every time very active class very helpful you get to talk with everyone very useful I really recommend this class

  30. All of Miss Sharons classes are fun and engaging! She really builds a community of teachers and is passionate about what she does.

  31. I LOVED THIS TRAINING SO MUCH! Sharon’s classes are life changing! The lessons you learn are both applicable to the classroom and everyday life. You will laugh and cry…..never a boring moment…..very hands on and fun!
    Sharon, thank you for being real and caring so much for your clients and our future! So thankful for this training!

  32. I think Ms.Sharon is an amazing and very thorough teacher who keeps you engaged. She is very educated and related everything to everyday life and the classroom. Not boring at all, very funny and just a very great class.

  33. Hello World,

    Wow this class was so amazing and fun. Ms. Sharon . She Did such an amazing job teaching us and it was fun. Time went by so fast. Everything she teach has improved My ability to engage and enteract in a child’s behavior. This learning expierience in childcare has given me more flexibility to understand them.,

  34. Had a wonderful day in class! Tons of helpful information. Definitely recommend Traits of a Child, for Directors Training!!

  35. Sharon is so knowledgeable it blows my mind. Every child care center could benefit from her services! I feel lucky to be taking her classes!

  36. I studied child development, but Miss Sharon makes the knowledge usable. Its different to hear the information and see and practice it in use. I’ve taken two classes so far, but I have already seen amazing improvements in myself and my students. Thank you so much Crazy Sharon!

  37. Today was very helpful. I learned about the different types of educators and how to deal with children in a matter of respect and learned different ways to interact with the kids to keep them engaged in the activities.

  38. Sharon is so knowledgeable it blows my mind. Every child care center could benefit from her services! I feel lucky to be taking her classes! I learned so much about curriculum and strategies on how to handle hard situations in an appropriate manner. Thanks Sharon!

  39. Ms.Sharon was a great instructor and I loved every bit of the service . I’m happy to have gained information from her to better advance my child care career

  40. Today’s training was received to my core! Enlightened and successfully educated with the upmost passion for education!

  41. Such an amazing teacher for both children and adults. She speaks of everything in such depth, it’s amazing. She makes my brain do flips and think harder than typical. She is so knowledgeable and I highly recommend her teachings. FAR FROM BORING!

  42. Mrs. Sharon does an amazing job of making the light bulbs go off about why certain things happen or why they work! She makes it easy to learn to relate to children and to learn how to problem solve when it comes to them.

  43. Sharon was the most amazing teacher! She interacted and is extremely passionate about what she does and teaching others! I learned so much from her! Amazing class!

  44. Ms. Sharon is an amazing speaker and her presentations are so detailed and helpful. You can tell she lives for her work and I love that.

  45. Excellent class I understood more about kids with autism and how to help them also jut know with COVID 19 all the procedures that we need follow to stop spreading this virus.

  46. This is my second time taking Mrs Sharon class, I love taking her classes she is very good at her job & explains everything you need to know when working in a child care center I look forward to taking my last class with her.

  47. Today’s Class was very appealing, Sharon is a very good instructor she is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor i look forward to another class with hee

  48. Absolutely loved and reignited my love for child care and I believe it should be strongly encourage other home daycares, take the course for the credentials for greater professional development!

  49. Loved these trainings! So fun and very interactive! I learned so much and I’m ready to put it in action in my classroom!

  50. I love this class such an amazing way to learn! Emsince the beginning to the end the class is very engaging and informative.

  51. Hi Mrs. Scallion! Hey Lady! Enjoyed the knowledge about ASHD and Autistic children and how to expand their learning! Thanks so
    Much! As a parent!!!

  52. Love love love working with mrs Sharon! I have learned so much not only about teaching but about myself as well thank you🤗

  53. I really love this class! Ms. Sharon covered a wide range of topics and really broke it down to be very informative, while also fun!

  54. Ms. Sharon you never disappoint. I always enjoy attending your conferences. You go above and beyond and I truly appreciate you. Today’s Director’s Summit was on point. All the information I obtained will definitely help me be a great leader for my team. Thank you for all that you do.

  55. This class was very informative and insightful ! Moving forward and transitioning into the director / leadership role will be a new challenge for me and this class really put a new perspective on a great range of topics .

  56. On December 5, 2020, I attended the 3rd Annual Conference. It was very informative. The topic presenter was on point topics.

  57. It is always SO WONDERFUL to see what I learn at each of these classes. I adore the communication and overall involvement with everyone here!

  58. This class was very engaging! I love that i was able to learn without being lectured. It was very fun, the teacher is the best!

  59. I loved how informative she was. She was very experienced and knowledgeable to all situation that we can face within a daycare facility.
    The time she prepared and planned out our daily classes was a great flow of information and very helpful.

    I love the hands on activity as they allowed us to be creative, prepared (changing infant stages), and the management of how to handle and implement levels of voices and activities while dealing with a child that needs more attention.

    Great Overall experience.

    Nature vs Natural definitely will stick with me as a mother and now a Daycare Infant teacher.

  60. This class was very helpful! Ms.Sharon is a great instructor & explains everything thoroughly. I’m new to the whole childcare world, and I feel more prepared.

  61. Ms. Sharon has been great, very informative and kept our class extremely engaged through the day! She is the Best ❤️

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